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EQUA LCV Aq Index Euro 5 and 6 vans

The EQUA LCV Index

What is the issue?

Emissions Analytics has seen similar levels of variability from official fuel economy and emissions figures in light commercial vehicles as in cars, leaving many drivers unaware of how their vehicle really performs in the real-world. You can now check the on-road performance of vans in the table below.

The Effect of Load

Tested on the same EQUA cycle as passenger cars, vans additionally run parts of the route ballasted to their maximum payload. The effect of load on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is an average increase of 5.9% for a van carrying 50% of its maximum load.

The air pollutants carbon monoxide (CO) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) are measured using a constant load of 125kg.

With around 30 to 50 vans added yearly, the EQUA Index is available for everyone to use free of charge and enables drivers to pick the most economical as well as the least polluting vehicles.

The EQUA Index is the definitive guide to vehicle emissions on the road, powered by Emissions Analytics, the independent testing and data analysis experts.

The Effect of Load

LCV Load
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