The EQUA Fuel Economy Index

How the EQUA Mpg Index helps

Emissions Analytics believes no Mpg labelling can be robust without on-road verification. With more test results than any other independent organisation, Emissions Analytics has pioneered the use of PEMS to compare real-world vehicle performance.

Emissions Analytics’ independence comes from how it sources vehicles, conducts tests and is funded, which are not within the direct control of any interested party, including manufacturers, governments and regulators.

For a truly independent guide to your vehicle’s fuel consumption, search the table above.

Test or Forecast

Emissions Analytics has now tested more than 600 vehicles in the United States, covering a wide range of makes, models and engine types. This enables us to forecast fuel economy for cars we haven’t yet tested. So, the table contains Mpg numbers for a wide range of cars on sale in the United States in the last five years, clearly labelled whether they are based on an actual Test or Forecast (T/F).